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 I reject your way of life. Your rules and institutions. Your social norms and stigmas, your stereotypes and preconceived notions. Your fear of standing out has left you boxed in. I’ve seen the innocence in a child’s eye, and I’ve seen it corrupted. I’ve seen imagination and creativity go to waste in the name of a nightmare your currency created. My curiosity led me to love you. I use to think you were so beautiful because your emotions gave you strength and your heart provided the impetus to persevere. I felt the love as it slipped away, as a result I lost the ability to empathize. You did this to yourself, you got lost in a maze that has no exit. They programmed you and you allowed it to persist. Something as simple as money has complicated your existence.

 I saw so much promise but you’ve lost your purpose. A life defined by consuming and consumption. A life defined by accumulation.. I was waiting to see what you would leave behind. Now I see, it’s nothing worth watching. The reason I’m leaving and it pains me to turn my back.