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Breaking Free

 Nothing is what it seems, and your dream is not enough for me. I want everything. We could get right down to it, I’ll bring this fight to your front door. One by one they’ll see what I’ve become. There are two sides to every Gemini and the odds are in our favor. These walls and doors, these obstacles are part of our epic plot. We only get stronger and we only get wiser, so these adversaries appear as puppets to me. The darkness runs wild and plays on the emotions of men. Whispering evil in their ears causing them to do unthinkable things; for years they controlled the fear keeping the truth imprisoned. The tables have turned the days of purgatory are ruined. I am the darkness, I was born in to it, no place to hide i provide the light. Growl all you want, I am the bump in the night. I am the last whisper you’ll ever hear, I’ve come for redemption. The champion of lost souls forgotten, prize fighter for the bottom dweller. There’s a code we live by, a creed that gives us unity. We own the ground we stand on, the very earth shall tremble. Our roar will deafen the masses and our light will manifest miracles. 
We are Kings among men, Gods among demons. There is no happy ending, only poetic justice. My ax drags along this pavement, scraping  through blood and death. The death of dreams forsaken; blood of hearts drained til their final drop.  We are the resistance to the Devil’s very existence.