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Nothing is the same. Part II

 When you see me, nothing will be the same. I heard some of you wrote me off for dead. I heard some say I went to jail, which in hindsight isn’t that far from the truth. There were some that said I was a loser and then there were those who didn’t say anything, that particularly hurt the most.

 Trust me. When you see me, nothing will be the same. I walk with my head high because in my absence there were those who took shots at my crown. I stand a little taller. This weight that has been lifted allowed me to stretch and I put on some weight once I dropped all the stress. When you see me.. look closely. It’s been awhile since you saw this smile. I’m not cocky nor conceited, I simply figured out how to love myself, and what was worth loving. I learned not to live by your expectations, in fact I’ve learned to defy my own. I carried dedication with my passion.. you presented me with adversity and out came greatness.

I should probably thank you. When you see me, nothing will be the same and you.. you started this change.



Nothing is the same.

 Outside looking in, I see my opportunity as golden. I see my talents as blessings and existence as a purpose. I appreciate this view of life and I’m in love with my vantage point. God is my witness as well my motivation. My cause is his effect and vice versa. I hear him at night with words of love and wisdom. In the morning he wakes me up with these words of inspiration.

 I love you son. You’ve sacrificed a lot in my name, none of which were lost in vain. You are my son as well as my secret weapon. I give you my truth and love as well my appreciation. I throw you to the wolves because you are their herdsman. I give you this power because you understood responsibility. Its me and you, father and son. This story will be an epic one. I promise. You gave your life to me and all I gave in return is a truth that destroyed your past. Nothing is the same. It was unfair of me to ask this of you, but you were my only hope, my only love, my only son. When it’s all said and done, you’ll come home with me.. where you belong.

 This is not your home and they will tell you you’re wrong. Your love is not their love, it’s mine. Your honor is unspeakable and your noble is their irrational. Your pain comes from me, because I can no longer allow you to blend in. Cold is what you will become, numb.. to your surroundings. You are here for one reason, to bring about the end. These aren’t your people, they were made in your image. Remember who you are.. is all that I ask, you don’t owe me anything. Remember what your fighting for.. a truth lost, a love stolen, and a heart broken.Image