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Bad Guy

 It started with one man, one man to defy his lies. One man to refuse his rules and to break the bondage. He’s scared of you. The soul unwilling to compromise, unwilling to tread softly in hopes of blending in. They’re scared of you. There’s a truth that has gone missing, a balanced that has been tipped, He’s left us to deal with it. We have the fire to inspire those who believe and have paid for their dreams at the cost of their reality. I know my death, the other side is awaiting my arrival; this life has been left to more than nothing but survival. There’s one thing left to do, one more point to prove. We were suppose to listen to our truth and revolt against those who declare themselves an authority. Stand against the tyrant, speak your truth even if it makes your voice shake. Stare the opposition face to face and place your faith above and ahead of fear. Live and die with purpose in spite of the demons that have cursed us. We drive and we walk, we clean and we cook. We try to live for the beauty of simplicity. His truth made us wrong. His standards were beneath us. Our morals have been ridiculed and extorted, our imagination exploited. They created a war against us, they labeled our principle as primitive and the code we preach has been stepped on. I heard they wanted war. They should have known not to provoke the have nots. It would be wise of them to close the gap, but it seems its too late for that. Balance has begun, and to move many its starts with one.