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As the World Turns.

The life we could have lived versus the purpose we were meant for. The thought of you makes me question everything… What if we got lost in the lie, continued our lives without care. What if ignorance was bliss and we stood oblivious to the injustice. What if I wasn’t a Rebel, what if you weren’t the Queen. What if this wasn’t our responsibility, what if this wasn’t our destiny?

You use to trust in me, but this separation has torn us apart. I could have been a good man, instead I chose to be a Great King.. They have to see what we have to offer, they have to see the truth. The strength in our love, the compassion in our forgiveness and the power in our defiance. “We were meant to be Great”, but the world wanted us to settle for being good. It’s more than meaning that has gone misunderstood; it’s principle, it’s balance.

So we stare outside wondering what could have been. If we ignored the calling and disregarded how much the world meant to us. If we lowered our standards, we could have created our own oasis in the midst of this. Then who would save our souls. Who would save us from this fools paradise.

I feel driven, my faith will bring you back to me. What we would have done together would never be enough, us apart will bring the best out of each other. We are now King and Queen, but we were once lovers.