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I don’t fear death, I fear living a meaningless life. A maverick by definition, Rebel by inclination and an outcast by choice. You will see my truth, it is my present for you. I dare to challenge authority and dare them to challenge mine. Law makers and politicians won’t realize until it hits them. You’ve been relieved of your duties. Your suspect decisions left to many victims; this system is conflicting with my new establishment. It has to go.

You’ve sold your faith for cubicle space, you should have stared injustice and corruption in the face. I’m taking your place marching with an army, just in case. You can’t touch my faith, life is more than what you know but less than what you think.

Follow my footsteps, watch my grace. This is a hostile takeover, I picked a fight with the night. Started a battle between the shadows and heard the word “war” whispered when I walked in. The mention of my name made you question your decision to take it this far. Imagine what my presence will cause you to second guess. These are the footsteps of the blessed, and this is little more than a game of chess.

Kings ruled these lands and kings
will rule again. See the honor in every step and rebellion in every breath. Caged spirits and tortured souls, misguided hearts and conflicted mindsets. I’ve forgiven this is just business, consider it poetic justice.