King of my Jungle.

-What’s it like.. what’s it like in the ring?

I’m going to tell you, because I like you, I respect you. That’s hard to come by now a day. Sometimes when I’m in the ring I’m just playing with them, having a good time. Then there are other times when; you know what I have inside of me, a five ton gorilla, and when he gets out I cant control him. Its scary to imagine in fact, his rage with just a touch of patience. That’s what makes the beast do dangerous, his discipline. There is so much pain in his eyes, I see his face flash before mine. I wish I could tell you that I didn’t know where this monster came from. I’d be lying, the truth is we’ve always been here. I’ve tamed this for years but he’s rebelling now and I fear I can’t stop him. That ring, that ring is his playground. 

-So who am I talking to now? The beast or the monster?

My dear, at the end of the day, it doesn’t even matter anymore. This beast is a monster, and monster don’t fear greatness, or death.



Nothing is the same.

 Outside looking in, I see my opportunity as golden. I see my talents as blessings and existence as a purpose. I appreciate this view of life and I’m in love with my vantage point. God is my witness as well my motivation. My cause is his effect and vice versa. I hear him at night with words of love and wisdom. In the morning he wakes me up with these words of inspiration.

 I love you son. You’ve sacrificed a lot in my name, none of which were lost in vain. You are my son as well as my secret weapon. I give you my truth and love as well my appreciation. I throw you to the wolves because you are their herdsman. I give you this power because you understood responsibility. Its me and you, father and son. This story will be an epic one. I promise. You gave your life to me and all I gave in return is a truth that destroyed your past. Nothing is the same. It was unfair of me to ask this of you, but you were my only hope, my only love, my only son. When it’s all said and done, you’ll come home with me.. where you belong.

 This is not your home and they will tell you you’re wrong. Your love is not their love, it’s mine. Your honor is unspeakable and your noble is their irrational. Your pain comes from me, because I can no longer allow you to blend in. Cold is what you will become, numb.. to your surroundings. You are here for one reason, to bring about the end. These aren’t your people, they were made in your image. Remember who you are.. is all that I ask, you don’t owe me anything. Remember what your fighting for.. a truth lost, a love stolen, and a heart broken.Image  


 I remember what it was that made me great, I remember like it was yesterday. Everyday was a mission or an opportunity. I smiled politely at everyone while innocently disregarding there very existence. I would laugh out loud about my own personal inside joke. I would be so curious and try anything just for the experience, without fear or regret. I was free, which made me great. Then.. like cell doors closing or chains dragging in between six by eight walls. I started to care about what you thought. I started listening to your opinions but never seeking your approval. Setting out to prove you wrong, set me up for failure. I allowed you to curve my beliefs, particularly my belief in me. I let this chip on my shoulder crush my spirit. I heard your judgement and I carried the shame that came with it. 

 Who am I fooling, I was never meant to live like you. I’ll try to make sense of your madness right up until I forget about it. I’ll reinforce my own dream no matter how much effort you put into destroying my reality. This feels like a weight being lifted, I’m leaving this prison the same way I came in.. alone. No turning back, in hopes of returning to yesterday. I remember what it was that made me great, but most of all I remember what took that away. Don’t be good, be great.Image 

Return of the Main Attraction.

My circle is so small, I started talking to myself. My dreams are so clear, I’ve been losing sleep. My Passion is so strong, I drop tears for them. My ambition is so out of control, you’re going to hate me before its over. My heart has been torn, I cursed the day I was born. My greatness will reset this reality. I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you. I’m your new role model, I walk with the very defiance of the strongest lion. I see I’ve stepped into a jungle.. no discipline and even fewer principles. Order must be restored with the mightiest of roars. I confess my absence has led to this tipping of balance but I have returned like the prodigal son to provoke emotion and erase this complacent placement.

I saw you.. this wasn’t much of a life, but it was all you had. I wanted to see you fight for what you believed in but instead you altered your beliefs. I wanted you to stand up for the people who have been forced to crawl, but you turned the other cheek. I wanted you to follow your heart, not logic. You were made compassionate but you allowed life to become a business and I’ve witness your ideas of righteousness. I’ve lived this nightmare you’ve prepared and served as a dream. I’m coming back as a King this time, I just thought you should know that.

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