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He’s on his way.

Get it by any means they told me.. live this American dream is what they sold me. But my passion molded me and my sincerity distinguished my perception. I could never rely on such selfish dreams, nor could I allow shallow accomplishments define me. The challenge is appealing and in theory the principles seem sound proof; but the application is too clever. There are lights that remain dimly lit as well as leaders stuck within the emptiness of a crowd. I wish you the best because my prayers have a greater purpose. Fitting in never freed a soul and a held tongue never expressed a righteous truth.

I’ll show you what it means to be a matyr. I’ll teach you what it means to stand tall and you’ll experience what it is to be a witness. Your system works but it’s flawed by nature. Your hopes are fair but do you dare to obtain greatness. Where do your values appear, what have your morals become. Did they teach you worth, or have they been lost through supposed growth. What are we growing to and what have we grown away from. The questions I ask myself as I watch you. I walk without directions because my steps are guided. Roam without a care because the fear has long been subsided.

The ease in my stride, the certainty in my stride. I was never meant to hide this. You were only meant to witness. Get it by anymeans they told me, live this American dream is what they sold me. As I hold on to this nightmare it’s quite clear that I sold out when I brought in and stunted my growth when I accepted your approach. The irony is almost inspiring, the poetic justice is more than fitting while the epic conclusion is anything but imaginable.  Get it how you live and live how you believe. Belief in the unexplainable. – Poet X



Carry On.

I’m proud of you, or better yet I believe in you. I am the light, so I wander into darkness. This jungle is thick and filled with serpents, there is hope but it’s shadowed by doubt. Nights stained by survival, harmony is lost and the righteous are conflicted. The Rebels are pure and the outcast can thrive with the right purpose. This jungle, this life, produces panic out of anxiety and typically stirs animosity. This jungle, this life.. I walk through. I want you to know I was never afraid. I fear nothing but fear itself. I await the night because you have turned your back on it. Your fear has cut you off from the possibilities of life. Your ignorance although bliss had placed you in a box. Your ego how ever vital has placed you in hand cuffs. We were meant to live and die. What happens in between is determined by the depths of your dreams. I’m aware of your conflictions as a matter of fact. I am stared down by my own, only I chose to stare back. I became the man I am by embracing my demons and dropping a tear for them. Learning the meaning of my emotions allowed me to control them. Letting go of my love allowed me to rise above hate. This jungle, this life, I’m at odds with. I’m at odds with for you. Bring back humility and understand worth. Sacrifice yourself for the purpose of growth. Turn your back so you can open your heart. I’m proud of you, or better yet I believe in you.

Whom shall I Fear

The Beast, the Monster, and the Man. The Man fears. The Beast cares, about the Monster: he doesn’t.
When the hearts starts beating, the blood begins racing. The Beast is chasing the fear, preparing for the Monster to appear. The Man stares into the mirror, the Monster stares back at me with a lack of empathy. The battle for control rages on until all signs of the Man is gone. This Monster is on a mission to bring truth to your vision once again. While the beast wages war with your idea of humanity. Breaking the rules in order to break free from captivity. All doubt and inhibition is disappearing allowing me to act with wrecked abandonment. I told you the fear was gone, and now the time has come. The Beast it’s one with the Monster, both here to conquer.
We’re no longer going to sit back as we see souls attacked; trapped by the tricks played on the mind, and bound by the perception of time. The Monster knows no past or future as the Beast embraces the present. Together they’ll challenge the world and defy its definition of life. Your definition of right has strayed, left you in a perpetual cycle of hoarding and consumption. What is it that we lost, what has shaped


imagination into this damnation…

You know art was here long before money came, the Devil is greed and fame. What is the purpose of life with one aim? Your bag of tricks don’t fool me, so you should fear me. I see what your eyes can not, I feel what the hands can’t touch and speak words that the soul can only hear. I’m all out of emotions and my purpose is clear. The road seems dangerous but it’s you who should be scared

As the World Turns.

The life we could have lived versus the purpose we were meant for. The thought of you makes me question everything… What if we got lost in the lie, continued our lives without care. What if ignorance was bliss and we stood oblivious to the injustice. What if I wasn’t a Rebel, what if you weren’t the Queen. What if this wasn’t our responsibility, what if this wasn’t our destiny?

You use to trust in me, but this separation has torn us apart. I could have been a good man, instead I chose to be a Great King.. They have to see what we have to offer, they have to see the truth. The strength in our love, the compassion in our forgiveness and the power in our defiance. “We were meant to be Great”, but the world wanted us to settle for being good. It’s more than meaning that has gone misunderstood; it’s principle, it’s balance.

So we stare outside wondering what could have been. If we ignored the calling and disregarded how much the world meant to us. If we lowered our standards, we could have created our own oasis in the midst of this. Then who would save our souls. Who would save us from this fools paradise.

I feel driven, my faith will bring you back to me. What we would have done together would never be enough, us apart will bring the best out of each other. We are now King and Queen, but we were once lovers.


I don’t fear death, I fear living a meaningless life. A maverick by definition, Rebel by inclination and an outcast by choice. You will see my truth, it is my present for you. I dare to challenge authority and dare them to challenge mine. Law makers and politicians won’t realize until it hits them. You’ve been relieved of your duties. Your suspect decisions left to many victims; this system is conflicting with my new establishment. It has to go.

You’ve sold your faith for cubicle space, you should have stared injustice and corruption in the face. I’m taking your place marching with an army, just in case. You can’t touch my faith, life is more than what you know but less than what you think.

Follow my footsteps, watch my grace. This is a hostile takeover, I picked a fight with the night. Started a battle between the shadows and heard the word “war” whispered when I walked in. The mention of my name made you question your decision to take it this far. Imagine what my presence will cause you to second guess. These are the footsteps of the blessed, and this is little more than a game of chess.

Kings ruled these lands and kings
will rule again. See the honor in every step and rebellion in every breath. Caged spirits and tortured souls, misguided hearts and conflicted mindsets. I’ve forgiven this is just business, consider it poetic justice.


Breaking Free

 Nothing is what it seems, and your dream is not enough for me. I want everything. We could get right down to it, I’ll bring this fight to your front door. One by one they’ll see what I’ve become. There are two sides to every Gemini and the odds are in our favor. These walls and doors, these obstacles are part of our epic plot. We only get stronger and we only get wiser, so these adversaries appear as puppets to me. The darkness runs wild and plays on the emotions of men. Whispering evil in their ears causing them to do unthinkable things; for years they controlled the fear keeping the truth imprisoned. The tables have turned the days of purgatory are ruined. I am the darkness, I was born in to it, no place to hide i provide the light. Growl all you want, I am the bump in the night. I am the last whisper you’ll ever hear, I’ve come for redemption. The champion of lost souls forgotten, prize fighter for the bottom dweller. There’s a code we live by, a creed that gives us unity. We own the ground we stand on, the very earth shall tremble. Our roar will deafen the masses and our light will manifest miracles. 
We are Kings among men, Gods among demons. There is no happy ending, only poetic justice. My ax drags along this pavement, scraping  through blood and death. The death of dreams forsaken; blood of hearts drained til their final drop.  We are the resistance to the Devil’s very existence.


Bad Guy

 It started with one man, one man to defy his lies. One man to refuse his rules and to break the bondage. He’s scared of you. The soul unwilling to compromise, unwilling to tread softly in hopes of blending in. They’re scared of you. There’s a truth that has gone missing, a balanced that has been tipped, He’s left us to deal with it. We have the fire to inspire those who believe and have paid for their dreams at the cost of their reality. I know my death, the other side is awaiting my arrival; this life has been left to more than nothing but survival. There’s one thing left to do, one more point to prove. We were suppose to listen to our truth and revolt against those who declare themselves an authority. Stand against the tyrant, speak your truth even if it makes your voice shake. Stare the opposition face to face and place your faith above and ahead of fear. Live and die with purpose in spite of the demons that have cursed us. We drive and we walk, we clean and we cook. We try to live for the beauty of simplicity. His truth made us wrong. His standards were beneath us. Our morals have been ridiculed and extorted, our imagination exploited. They created a war against us, they labeled our principle as primitive and the code we preach has been stepped on. I heard they wanted war. They should have known not to provoke the have nots. It would be wise of them to close the gap, but it seems its too late for that. Balance has begun, and to move many its starts with one.



 I reject your way of life. Your rules and institutions. Your social norms and stigmas, your stereotypes and preconceived notions. Your fear of standing out has left you boxed in. I’ve seen the innocence in a child’s eye, and I’ve seen it corrupted. I’ve seen imagination and creativity go to waste in the name of a nightmare your currency created. My curiosity led me to love you. I use to think you were so beautiful because your emotions gave you strength and your heart provided the impetus to persevere. I felt the love as it slipped away, as a result I lost the ability to empathize. You did this to yourself, you got lost in a maze that has no exit. They programmed you and you allowed it to persist. Something as simple as money has complicated your existence.

 I saw so much promise but you’ve lost your purpose. A life defined by consuming and consumption. A life defined by accumulation.. I was waiting to see what you would leave behind. Now I see, it’s nothing worth watching. The reason I’m leaving and it pains me to turn my back.  


Nothing is the same. Part II

 When you see me, nothing will be the same. I heard some of you wrote me off for dead. I heard some say I went to jail, which in hindsight isn’t that far from the truth. There were some that said I was a loser and then there were those who didn’t say anything, that particularly hurt the most.

 Trust me. When you see me, nothing will be the same. I walk with my head high because in my absence there were those who took shots at my crown. I stand a little taller. This weight that has been lifted allowed me to stretch and I put on some weight once I dropped all the stress. When you see me.. look closely. It’s been awhile since you saw this smile. I’m not cocky nor conceited, I simply figured out how to love myself, and what was worth loving. I learned not to live by your expectations, in fact I’ve learned to defy my own. I carried dedication with my passion.. you presented me with adversity and out came greatness.

I should probably thank you. When you see me, nothing will be the same and you.. you started this change.