He’s on his way.

Get it by any means they told me.. live this American dream is what they sold me. But my passion molded me and my sincerity distinguished my perception. I could never rely on such selfish dreams, nor could I allow shallow accomplishments define me. The challenge is appealing and in theory the principles seem sound proof; but the application is too clever. There are lights that remain dimly lit as well as leaders stuck within the emptiness of a crowd. I wish you the best because my prayers have a greater purpose. Fitting in never freed a soul and a held tongue never expressed a righteous truth.

I’ll show you what it means to be a matyr. I’ll teach you what it means to stand tall and you’ll experience what it is to be a witness. Your system works but it’s flawed by nature. Your hopes are fair but do you dare to obtain greatness. Where do your values appear, what have your morals become. Did they teach you worth, or have they been lost through supposed growth. What are we growing to and what have we grown away from. The questions I ask myself as I watch you. I walk without directions because my steps are guided. Roam without a care because the fear has long been subsided.

The ease in my stride, the certainty in my stride. I was never meant to hide this. You were only meant to witness. Get it by anymeans they told me, live this American dream is what they sold me. As I hold on to this nightmare it’s quite clear that I sold out when I brought in and stunted my growth when I accepted your approach. The irony is almost inspiring, the poetic justice is more than fitting while the epic conclusion is anything but imaginable.  Get it how you live and live how you believe. Belief in the unexplainable. – Poet X