Carry On.

I’m proud of you, or better yet I believe in you. I am the light, so I wander into darkness. This jungle is thick and filled with serpents, there is hope but it’s shadowed by doubt. Nights stained by survival, harmony is lost and the righteous are conflicted. The Rebels are pure and the outcast can thrive with the right purpose. This jungle, this life, produces panic out of anxiety and typically stirs animosity. This jungle, this life.. I walk through. I want you to know I was never afraid. I fear nothing but fear itself. I await the night because you have turned your back on it. Your fear has cut you off from the possibilities of life. Your ignorance although bliss had placed you in a box. Your ego how ever vital has placed you in hand cuffs. We were meant to live and die. What happens in between is determined by the depths of your dreams. I’m aware of your conflictions as a matter of fact. I am stared down by my own, only I chose to stare back. I became the man I am by embracing my demons and dropping a tear for them. Learning the meaning of my emotions allowed me to control them. Letting go of my love allowed me to rise above hate. This jungle, this life, I’m at odds with. I’m at odds with for you. Bring back humility and understand worth. Sacrifice yourself for the purpose of growth. Turn your back so you can open your heart. I’m proud of you, or better yet I believe in you.