Whom shall I Fear

The Beast, the Monster, and the Man. The Man fears. The Beast cares, about the Monster: he doesn’t.
When the hearts starts beating, the blood begins racing. The Beast is chasing the fear, preparing for the Monster to appear. The Man stares into the mirror, the Monster stares back at me with a lack of empathy. The battle for control rages on until all signs of the Man is gone. This Monster is on a mission to bring truth to your vision once again. While the beast wages war with your idea of humanity. Breaking the rules in order to break free from captivity. All doubt and inhibition is disappearing allowing me to act with wrecked abandonment. I told you the fear was gone, and now the time has come. The Beast it’s one with the Monster, both here to conquer.
We’re no longer going to sit back as we see souls attacked; trapped by the tricks played on the mind, and bound by the perception of time. The Monster knows no past or future as the Beast embraces the present. Together they’ll challenge the world and defy its definition of life. Your definition of right has strayed, left you in a perpetual cycle of hoarding and consumption. What is it that we lost, what has shaped


imagination into this damnation…

You know art was here long before money came, the Devil is greed and fame. What is the purpose of life with one aim? Your bag of tricks don’t fool me, so you should fear me. I see what your eyes can not, I feel what the hands can’t touch and speak words that the soul can only hear. I’m all out of emotions and my purpose is clear. The road seems dangerous but it’s you who should be scared