Nothing is the same. Part II

 When you see me, nothing will be the same. I heard some of you wrote me off for dead. I heard some say I went to jail, which in hindsight isn’t that far from the truth. There were some that said I was a loser and then there were those who didn’t say anything, that particularly hurt the most.

 Trust me. When you see me, nothing will be the same. I walk with my head high because in my absence there were those who took shots at my crown. I stand a little taller. This weight that has been lifted allowed me to stretch and I put on some weight once I dropped all the stress. When you see me.. look closely. It’s been awhile since you saw this smile. I’m not cocky nor conceited, I simply figured out how to love myself, and what was worth loving. I learned not to live by your expectations, in fact I’ve learned to defy my own. I carried dedication with my passion.. you presented me with adversity and out came greatness.

I should probably thank you. When you see me, nothing will be the same and you.. you started this change.



One thought on “Nothing is the same. Part II”

  1. This reminds me how I use to write poetry as a teenager. I didn’t know how to express myself and wrote until I felt better. Writing is healing to me. I like this because it shows a vulnerable side that many don’t get to see.

    Thanks for ‘liking and commenting’ on my blog.

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