King of my Jungle.

-What’s it like.. what’s it like in the ring?

I’m going to tell you, because I like you, I respect you. That’s hard to come by now a day. Sometimes when I’m in the ring I’m just playing with them, having a good time. Then there are other times when; you know what I have inside of me, a five ton gorilla, and when he gets out I cant control him. Its scary to imagine in fact, his rage with just a touch of patience. That’s what makes the beast do dangerous, his discipline. There is so much pain in his eyes, I see his face flash before mine. I wish I could tell you that I didn’t know where this monster came from. I’d be lying, the truth is we’ve always been here. I’ve tamed this for years but he’s rebelling now and I fear I can’t stop him. That ring, that ring is his playground. 

-So who am I talking to now? The beast or the monster?

My dear, at the end of the day, it doesn’t even matter anymore. This beast is a monster, and monster don’t fear greatness, or death.



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