I remember what it was that made me great, I remember like it was yesterday. Everyday was a mission or an opportunity. I smiled politely at everyone while innocently disregarding there very existence. I would laugh out loud about my own personal inside joke. I would be so curious and try anything just for the experience, without fear or regret. I was free, which made me great. Then.. like cell doors closing or chains dragging in between six by eight walls. I started to care about what you thought. I started listening to your opinions but never seeking your approval. Setting out to prove you wrong, set me up for failure. I allowed you to curve my beliefs, particularly my belief in me. I let this chip on my shoulder crush my spirit. I heard your judgement and I carried the shame that came with it. 

 Who am I fooling, I was never meant to live like you. I’ll try to make sense of your madness right up until I forget about it. I’ll reinforce my own dream no matter how much effort you put into destroying my reality. This feels like a weight being lifted, I’m leaving this prison the same way I came in.. alone. No turning back, in hopes of returning to yesterday. I remember what it was that made me great, but most of all I remember what took that away. Don’t be good, be great.Image 


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