Return of the Main Attraction.

My circle is so small, I started talking to myself. My dreams are so clear, I’ve been losing sleep. My Passion is so strong, I drop tears for them. My ambition is so out of control, you’re going to hate me before its over. My heart has been torn, I cursed the day I was born. My greatness will reset this reality. I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you. I’m your new role model, I walk with the very defiance of the strongest lion. I see I’ve stepped into a jungle.. no discipline and even fewer principles. Order must be restored with the mightiest of roars. I confess my absence has led to this tipping of balance but I have returned like the prodigal son to provoke emotion and erase this complacent placement.

I saw you.. this wasn’t much of a life, but it was all you had. I wanted to see you fight for what you believed in but instead you altered your beliefs. I wanted you to stand up for the people who have been forced to crawl, but you turned the other cheek. I wanted you to follow your heart, not logic. You were made compassionate but you allowed life to become a business and I’ve witness your ideas of righteousness. I’ve lived this nightmare you’ve prepared and served as a dream. I’m coming back as a King this time, I just thought you should know that.


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